The Sámi People in Sweden

The land of the Sami called Sápmi in their language, spans from the Arctic Sweden to Norway, Finland and Russia.

The Sami are one of the world’s indigenous people, and their language, culture and customs differ from the societies around them. And a tip from us: put a smile on the face of a Sami by calling them just that and referring to their land as Sápmi.

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Exciting Sami Destinations

You will find more exciting places to visit and discover the life and culture of the same. In Njarka Sami Camp by Lake Häggsjön, just west of Åre, Sweden’s biggest ski resort, you can get up close and personal with reindeer at this reindeer farm.

Here, you can learn about reindeer, feed them and their calves, try lassoing and learn about Sami culture and customs. Open from July 1 to August 15 and can open longer by agreement.

In Jokkmokk, you will get close to the culture, and a famous Sami museum is worth visiting. Every year the famous Sami market takes place here.

More tour operators arrange tours to experience the Sami people and their lifestyle.


Northern Sweden

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