Tyresta National Park

Visit one of the largest untouched sections of forest in Sweden outside of the alpine world.

The village of the same name is the gateway to this beautifully preserved park and nature reserve that with its gorge landscape is quite unique in geological terms.

The village of Tyresta that has been inhabited by man since the Iron Age, and what you see today are a group of perfectly preserved buildings from the 18th century. 

The area has one of the finest primaeval forests south of the mountainous region. Tyresta nature reserve encircles the nation primaeval like a protective horseshoe in the south, east and north.

In the reserve, too, a coniferous forest predominates, but here there also are many deciduous forest tracts, valuable old cultivated land and a piece of the inner archipelago.

Primeval Forest Trail

A good introduction to the park is the Primeval Forest Trail that wends 2.5 kilometres through the park. Another takes you through the forest to the shores of the Baltic Sea and offers fine views. Do you have more time,  we suggest that you set off on one of the 55 kilometres of trails through the primeval forest, with its 400-year-old pines and rocky outcrops.

Try to spot some birds or exquisite wildflowers that grow here. Dip your toes in one of the crystal clear lakes. Take a nap against a lichen-carpeted boulder.
Do you want to take a break from the great city of Stockholm, Tyresta National Park is a good choice.

Tyresta National Park is located just 20 km south of Stockholm and you can get here easily by car, train or bus. 


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  • Lattitude: 59.184367
  • Longitude: 18.269478