Discover the coastline in Denmark Denmark has many bridges which connect the many islands You are never more than 50km from a beach Denmark has an amazing nature with both beaches and cliffs

Best Beaches in Denmark

If you go to Denmark, especially in the summer, an enjoyable day at the beach can be charming.

Denmark is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and the coastline is more than 7,300 km.

Wide white sandy beaches without any crowded problems, organised with lifeguards all around the country throughout the summer.

The Danes are world famous for protecting nature, and the beaches invite you to swim. Check out the 8 best Danish beaches and small, Denmark's beaches cater to various preferences, from scenic landscapes and serene surroundings to opportunities for water sports and family-friendly activities.

Each beach offers unique charm, making Denmark's coastline an attractive destination for locals and tourists. Visit cosy towns, which are ways to meet and learn about the Danes.

Denmark offers a diverse range of beaches along its extensive coastline.

We here give you the places of some of the beaches on Zealand and in Jutland:


Skagen Beach is located at the northernmost tip of Denmark, it is famous for its unique scenery where the North and the Baltic Seas meet. It's known for its distinctive dunes and picturesque landscapes.

Grenen is renowned for its natural beauty and the opportunity to witness the meeting point of two seas. Visitors can often see the waves crashing against each other here.


Marielyst Beach on Falster Island, south of Zealand, is a popular destination with its vast sandy shores, suitable for various activities and family-friendly amenities.

Vejers Beach
 in Jutland is a long, wide beach on Jutland's west coast. It's popular among surfers and kite flyers due to its windy conditions.


Tisvildeleje Beach is situated on the northern coast of Zealand.  Tisvildeleje Beach offers sandy shores backed by dunes and pine forests. It's a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.


Søndervig Beach in Jutland is known for its vastness and dunes; Søndervig Beach offers space for various recreational activities, such as windsurfing. Nearby, you also find the Blåvand Beach. 


Rømø Beach, located on an island in the Wadden Sea in South Jutland, is known for its vast, sandy expanses and opportunities for kite flying and land sailing.


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Beautiful viewpoints

In Denmark, you will find unique viewpoints. The most famous ones are Møns Klint and Stevns Klint.

If you can go there, you can enjoy the incredible view spots and museums.