The Marguerite Nature  Route in Denmark is where you discover the beauty of Denmark

The Marguerite Nature Route in Denmark is where you discover the beauty of Denmark

Kasper Andersen- VisitFyn

Kasper Andersen- VisitFyn

The Marguerite Route

Discover Denmark by driving the 'Marguerite Route'. If you following this natural route, you are sure that you will discover Denmarks most beautiful nature.

The Marguerite Route is Denmark's longest attraction: the route meanders over 3,500 kilometres away from the main roads across the small kingdom. At almost every intersection, the Mageriten sign shows the right way.

The route runs through the whole of Denmark, but of course, you can also cover only part of the route.

The route has its name from a famous flower

The Danish monarch, Queen Margrethe, officially opened the Marguerite Route and the Route was established in the 1980s. The route has the name of her favourite flower, the 'Marguerite Daisy'. Whenever you take a car or bike, this route is a country-wide scenic route that takes you past more than 200 of Denmark's top attractions and through some of the country's most picturesque scenery.

Covers more than 3,000 km of Denmark`s beautiful nature

This route is 3500 km long and leads over scenic roads, mostly on unused back roads. There are great sights and natural highlights along the way. The route is intended for private cars or motorcycles. It is not suitable for coaches or caravan teams, as it leads over narrow bridges or other obstacles in some places. Otherwise, the route is also suitable for cyclists, you only have to change to another means of transport at the "Great Belt Bridge", as the motorway runs along here.

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