Stevns Klint is a Unesco Heritage site in Denmark

Stevns Klint is a Unesco Heritage site in Denmark

Ireneusz Cyranek/VisitDenmark

Ireneusz Cyranek/VisitDenmark

Stevns Museum

Stevns Klint is at the same time beautiful and dramatic.

The amazing sight on a summer day colors lime seabed sea in captivating shades of blue and white cliff stands, topped by beautiful green trees.
Stevns Klint consists of chalk and limestone formed 65 million years ago when the sea covered Denmark.

Discover fossils more than 65 million years old

In the Stevns Museum, you will find the reason why Stevns Klint became member UNESCO World Heritage List of natural properties in 2014. On view at the exhibition are also fossils from Stevns Klint and it is shown how man has lived with and off the Klint for centuries.


Højerup Bygade 39
4660 Store Heddinge
South Sealand
+45 56502806

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  • Lattitude: 55.279591
  • Longitude: 12.446172