Nature route in southern Sweden

Nature route in southern Sweden

Tina Stafrén/

Tina Stafrén/


Öland is the place in Sweden with the most hours of sunshine.

Øland is the perfect summer location for travellers.

Oland is a unique island in the Baltic Sea. Shaped like an asparagus offers the long island on all the best, I can dream of a family. And just three hours drive from Denmark.

Oland is wildly long and extremely narrow. Almost 140 km lengthwise and nowhere more than 15 km in width - mostly just 10. A glorious and surprising island in the Baltic Sea, just ahead over the beautiful bridge from Kalmar, before your car hits the island, roughly in the middle of it.

Øland`s special nature

Despite the short distance from the mainland offers Oland in its own universe. It differs mainly in many ways from the rest of southern Sweden. Here you meet not the huge, dark coniferous forests, which otherwise is the epitome of Sweden.

Alvaret - a unique piece of nature

Ölands largest and most unique piece of nature, Alvaret. A large steppe-like area with a myriad of flowers, of which more than 30 wild species of orchids.

Attractive beaches

The beaches on Öland is a story in itself. They go back in the top ten lists of the best in Sweden. One of Öland - and the country's - best beaches in Böda as high in the northeast. The sand is golden and fine, and it continues troth into the sea, so I have a soft sandy bottom to stand on without having sore you about stepping on sharp rocks. Böda Sand is a country resort, located just off the beach, and here you can obvious choice to stay just for the wish I have.

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  • Lattitude: 56.664895
  • Longitude: 16.636477

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