Rosenborg Castle

In Rosenborg Castle, you are invited to take an incredible journey back in time.

Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen is home to some of Denmark's most significant cultural treasures. The royal family inhabited Rosenborg Castle until 1720. Christian IV built the castle as a pleasure castle.

But since 1838, the castle with all its contents has been a historical museum. The museum has a sister museum at Amalienborg Palace, called Amalienborg Museum.


See the Danish Crown Jewels

In the basement, you will find the Danish crown jewels and regalia. The crown jewels primarily consist of four garnitures: a diamond set, a ruby set, a pearl set, and an emerald set – the emeralds being among the world's finest.

The Knights'Hall

The Knights ' Hall is among the main attractions, with the coronation thrones and three life-size silver lions standing guard. Tapestries on the walls commemorate battles between Denmark and Sweden. The interiors are well-preserved, and you can experience the king's private writing cabinet and bathroom and see former royal inhabitants' wax figures.

Rosenborg also houses an exquisite collection of Flora Danica and one of the world's finest Venetian glass collections, both set in tower chambers. The crowns of the Danish kings and queens are kept in unique vaults and are embellished with table-cut stones, enamel and gold ornamentation.


Øster Voldgade 4A
1350 København K
Copenhagen, Capital Region
+45 3315 3286

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