Hiking adventures in Swedish Lapland

Forget all about your normal busy life on a hiking adventure in Swedish Lapland.

For nature and hiking fans, Swedish Lapland is the obvious choice. It is a journey for the senses and a physical journey towards a geographical goal. 

The combination of beautiful nature, fantastic Northern Lights in the Winter and wild animal life creates an unforgettable experience for travellers from all over the world.


The King`Trail

The King`s Trail in Swedish Lapland is the top recommended hiking trip. Here, you can experience some of the most beautiful natural environments that Sweden has to offer, including beautiful rivers, clear lights, deep lakes, and brooks with water so clean that you can just fill your cup and drink.



Visit Kiruna

One of Swedish Lapland's top holiday destinations, Kiruna, invites you to hiking adventures. It is surrounded by high mountains, and the snow remains like icing on the top. 

Throughout Swedish Lapland, there are hiking options that will suit most people, from beginners, those who wish to stretch their legs for a couple of hours, to advanced week-long hikes with camping in uncharted terrain.'