The High Coast is a UNESCO attraction in Sweden

The High Coast is a UNESCO attraction in Sweden

Friluftsbyn Höga Kusten/

Friluftsbyn Höga Kusten/

The High Coast in Sweden

The high coast in Sweden is on the UNESCO Heritage List. This is the highest land uplift in the world.

The High Coast is a part of the Gulf of Bothnia characterised by its steep granite cliffs and stony islands rising from the sea.

The High Coast in the Ångermanland province of north-eastern Sweden is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its unique and highly scenic land and seascape and its distinctly red Nordingrå granite cliffs and rocks.

Hike & bike along the coast

The High Coast is best explored by foot or bike.  The High Coast Hike is a 40-kilometre long hike and folk festival through the highlights of the high Coast.

The Hike has quickly become the second largest hike in Sweden and attracts hundreds of hikers from all over the world. But you also get the fantastic views by car, starting from the towns of Örnskörchildsvik or Härnösand. In the summertime, there are also boat and ferry tours operating along the coast.

To experience these area adventures of any kind is the solution. Here you will find offers like guided wild bear or beaver safaris, archipelago exploration by kayak, fishing, horse riding, and coastline cycling and hiking. You can also visit Sweden’s second highest waterfall (90 m) at Västanöfallet nature reserve.

The High Coast is home to Sweden´s most peculiar delicacy, fermented herring. Love it or hate it, surströmming is famous for its taste all over the world.

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