Discover the Norway Fjords

Get inspiration about how to travel to & around in Fjord Norway

Getting to Fjord Norway

In general, like to the rest of the country, you will find a modern and well-developed transport network, which makes it easy, not only to get to Fjord Norway from abroad but also to travel around.

Bergen International Airport is the biggest in Fjord Norway, but you will find several of the airports in the region, which offering direct flights from abroad and from the biggest cities in Norway.

You can also take the ferries from Denmark or Germany to destinations in Fjord Norway, and within Fjord Norway, there is a lot of ferry routes, because of the many fjords.

Getting around in Fjord Norway

In general, the tourist is positively astonished at how good public transport is in Norway. Even the most remote destinations have viable communications with the world-at-large, and for those who live there, this is important confirmation that they are part of the greater community.

It is therefore not surprising, that you will find some of the most spectacular train services and experiences in Norway.

A trip with Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen is an unforgettable trip, but more of the local train excursions around and along the Norwegian fjords such as Flåm Railway or Rauma Railway are highly recommended

It is also easy to get around by car, and you will find more special prepared scenic national routes with a lot special designed viewpoints, to discover the amazing fjords and landscape.

Organised  tours, cruises & activities

Fjord Norway in one of the most popular regions for tourist coming to the Nordic countries. A lot of recognized tour operators offer all kinds of tours, cruises and activities.

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