The fascinating late summer by the Norwegian fjords

The fascinating late summer by the Norwegian fjords

Anders Gjengedal -

Anders Gjengedal -

Late Summer by the Fjords

There may be many advantages of a late summer visit to the Norwegian fjords.

Regarding the Atlantic Gulf Stream, the Western fjord region keeps much warmer weather, than you might expect in the late summer month from mid-August to October. The temperature drops slowly through September, making for good berry- and mushroom-picking weather.

Glorious colours & calm water

 The west coast receives the most rain, but the area farther east is drier. The sea temperature can reach 64°F (18°C) or higher on the south coast, where swimming is a popular pastime. Surprisingly, the water is often calm, as most of the inhabited places in Norway are sheltered from the prevailing wind by mountains and forest. The glorious colours of autumn are at their best in October. 

A late summer tour an obvious choice

A late summer tour to the Norwegian fjords can be an obvious choice if you don`t prefer crowded cities,  long queues in the supermarket and the restaurants or an unavailable boat tour to the fjords. 

Exciting adventures and tours

So don`t hesitate to go here for short break, a scenic self-drive tour or cruise along the beautiful fjords. Even many of the exciting activities are still open, and many of the most popular hotels are affordable and free in the late summer season.

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