The Nærøyfjord

One of a unique highlight in Fjord Norway is without any doubts the Nærøyfjord.

The 17 km long narrow fjord is part of the Sognefjord, surrounded by steep 1800 metres high mountains including with snow on the mountain tops.

Because of the meltwater coming down from the mountain tops, unforgettable green countryside along the fjord appears, with waterfalls and beautifully located small idyllic villages.

Unesco Heritage attractions in 2005

Unesco awarded together with the Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord to be a member of Unesco Heritage List in 2005, as some of the most beautiful fjord regions in the world. 

The way to discover the fjord

It is recommendable to take a cruise tour from Flåm or Gudvangen, where several boat tours start out every day.

In Flåm you can also take the world famous train ride 'Flåm Railway'. The train ride is an unforgettable tour which takes you over 800 meters up to the village Myrdal. From here you will also find train connection to Bergen with the Bergen Rail. This train ride is also very recommended and impressive.

During the year it is also possible to experience and try water activities on the fjord. The animal life here is abundant, and if you are lucky to get a view of a seal, dolphins or an impressive eagle here.

Like the other fjords, the Nærøyfjord area invites to hiking on incredible routes nearby the fjord.

Facts about the Nærøyfjord:

  • Included on UNESCO´s World Heritage List in 2005
  • Part of the Sognefjord
  • Up to a depth of 500 metres
  • The fjord is 250 metres at its narrowest point and one of the narrowest in Europe

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 60.963347
  • Longitude: 6.967814