Mikkeli is nearby Lake Saimaa

Mikkeli is nearby Lake Saimaa




Mikkeli is known as Finland`s holiday capital number one related to the more than 10400-holiday cottages in the area around the town and Lake Saimaa.

You will find Mikkeli in the heart of Lakeland in Finland. The city founded in 1838 has a military dramatic history as strategic headquarter during three wars.

Highlight destination for activities

Today the city of Mikkeli is nearly known all over the world as the nearby city to the impressive beautiful Lake Saimaa. Many Finns but also tourists travel to this region to explore and enjoy the clean air, the crystal clean water and the easy way of life.

Through all kinds of activities from watersports, to saunas, hiking, biking etc.., people here never get bored.

Grand Lake Saimaa

From here many recommended nature routes starts. Don`t hesitate to enjoy and visit Mikkeli and Lake Saimaa.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 61.688727
  • Longitude: 27.272146