Try a sauna in Finland

To visit a sauna is a part of the Finnish culture with more than 3 million saunas.

For a population of 5.3 million, this equals to an average of one sauna per household – even in the parliament, you will find one.

The Finnish sauna culture

For the Finns, there are many traditions and practices concerning the sauna experience. The most important one for them is to relax, purifying both body and mind. In fact, the word “sauna” is Finnish?  Whether an electric sauna in a modern business environment or an old-fashioned wood-burning sauna by a lakeside cottage, a sauna is always near you.

Visit a Sauna & Spa hotel

Sauna & Spa hotels have been steadily growing in popularity in Finland, and many use native treatments and pay particular attention to the role of nature in wellbeing.

The treatments which usually are available include of course saunas, peat wrapping, cleansing rituals, and even dry cupping. Other more local exotic treatments include reindeer milk facials in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling.


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