Whales in Greenland

Whales in Greenland

Julie Skotte/Greenland.com

Julie Skotte/Greenland.com

Whales in Greenland

Greenland is one of the best places in the world to experience close-up whales.

The high season to spot the whales is during the summer months.

In winter, it is also possible but less common. The most common whales are the humpback, fin whale, and minke whale, but it is usually possible to find up to 15 different whale species in Greenland water.

In winter, there are three species - the bowhead whale, narwhal and beluga whale.


Where to watch whales in Greenland

The sea around Greenland is very fish-rich, and the whales swim from the Caribbean Sea to eat.

The whales swim wherever the krill and schools of fish lead them, so it is possible to watch whales in many fjords in Greenland.

Whale destinations in Greenland

In South Greenland, the fin and minke whales love to play and eat in the extensive fjord system. Sailing is a popular way of transportation between the towns; it is possible to watch whales here in the summer.

Disko Bay is where you find most whales, and here is minke, humpback and fin whales, and the bow whale spends the whole winter up here in the north.

In West Greenland, there are thousands of humpback whales near Aasiaat, Paamiut and Maniitsoq. In Nuuk Fjord, some humpback whales come back year after year every summer, and their arrival is a signal that the summertime is back in the Capital Region. 

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