Greenland`s hallmark Kaffemik

A general buzz of merriment escapes as people enter the front door. These are the tell-tale signs that kaffemik - a social gathering - is happening inside that flat!


What is a Kaffemik

Kaffemik is a Greenlandic word that means “via coffee”. It is social engagement by way of coffee. A kaffemik is an all-day affair with 50 people coming and going. Invitations to kaffemik are typically spread via social media and word of mouth.

Casual wear is the dress code at kaffemik, although, on very special occasions, the Honouree wears the national costume. Don’t forget to remove your shoes before entering the host’s home!

Kaffemik celebrations

Greenlanders hold kaffemik to celebrate special events of all kinds - births and birthdays, first days of school and confirmations - but the real enjoyment comes from being in a room filled with people.


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