The Vikings in Greenland were also know as 'Norsemen

The Vikings in Greenland were also know as 'Norsemen"

Mads Pihl-Visit Greenland

Mads Pihl-Visit Greenland

Norse Culture

The Norsemen inhabited Greenland for more than 400 hundred years and created a tradition of farming, which today has become a cornerstone of everyday life in Southern Greenland.

The Norsemen were the seafaring Scandinavian people from the late 8th to the early 11th century, also called the Scandinavian Vikings.

They originated primarily from what is now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The Norsemen were known for their exploration, trading, raiding, and colonization across Europe, reaching as far as North America (Vinland) around the year 1000 AD.

They are often associated with their iconic longships, advanced navigation skills, and rich mythology, including gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki.

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History of the Norsemen

The culture of the Norsemen was at its highest point around 1200 A.D. Estimated 2,500 people lived in Greenland at this time, and they arrived in Greenland around 982 A.D. and left the country again during the 14th century.

Trading with Europe was prolific, and the Norsemen received requests for luxury items like walrus teeth, which they would travel far along Greenland's shores.

Climate changes and the beginning of the Little Ice Age forced the Norsemen to consolidate and move everyone to the South of Greenland at the start of the 13th century A.D., where farming was still possible despite cold summers and longer winters.

Some of the best-kept ruins of farm buildings are actually found in the fiord by the capital city of Nuuk, on the west coast. This testifies to the fact that they moved away due to climate change and hardship, and during a time when the farms in Southern Greenland were significantly larger but fewer in number.


Landmark of Sermitsiay

By hiking just a few hours from Nuuk, you can explore the capital's landmarks of Sermitsiaq and Lille Malene. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of the Norsemen as you pass Norse ruins in Sandnaes.


Visit Nuuk Fjord

Many tour operators set sail off the Nuuk Fjord each day, and boat trips, canoeing, and kayaking are among the best ways to discover the dramatic encounter between the countryside and the coast. Behold the amazing sight of the fjords, mountains, town, and sea, and be on the lookout for seals and whales.

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