Dog sledding in Greenland

Dog sledding in Greenland has been a mode of transportation and hunting for approximately 5000 years.

Recently, it has also become a leisure activity for Greenlanders and tourists.

Dog sledding - A way of life

Dog sledding helps tell the story of how Greenlanders have adapted to the robust environment that surrounds them. Contrary to other Arctic locations, dog sledding in Greenland is a way of life, by choice if not by necessity.

Living in contact with the nature is very important for the Greenlandic identity, and therefore when you are close to nature, you are also close to the Greenlandic culture.

Dogsledding -  an unforgettable experience

Spending an afternoon riding along with Greenlandic sledge dogs in locations like Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq is something you will not forget.

Discover the leader has a commanding presence with his shrill voices and thick winter coats that allow him to endure winter’s wrath.


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