Color Hotel Skagen

Welcome to Color Hotel Skagen, where you will be greeted with warmth and exceptional hospitality. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to fulfill your every wish, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

As a four-star hotel in Skagen, Color Hotel Skagen exudes a bright and modern ambience. The interior is tastefully decorated, creating an inviting and contemporary atmosphere for our guests.

Originally built in 1968, the hotel has undergone renovations and expansions to provide modern comforts and amenities. 

Beyond the hotel's doors, you will discover the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. Explore the picturesque cycle paths and hiking trails that wind through the heather-covered hills and natural heathland.

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the finest sand beaches, perfect for a stroll or a relaxing day by the sea. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the sand-buried church, a captivating landmark just a short walk from the hotel.

At Color Hotel Skagen, they strive to create a memorable and fulfilling experience for our guests. From our modern amenities to the stunning natural surroundings, every aspect of your stay has been carefully considered to ensure comfort and enjoyment.


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Color Hotel Skagen
Gl. Landevej 39
9990 Skagen

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  • Lattitude: 57.723408
  • Longitude: 10.556307


Type of Accomodation
  • First Class (4 star)
Star rating
  • 4 star