Welcome to the Arctic destination Inari

Inari - the Sami Centre

Welcome to Inari in Finland, the centre of Sami culture and Arctic nature.

You will find Inari located nearby the beautiful Lake Inari. Visiting Inari combines wilderness nature, adventures, traditions, culture and history.


The Sami People

Inari is the centre for the Sami people in Finland, the only European indigenous people. They are very proud to have the local Sami Parliament, a Parliament with 39 members who take care of and represent the Sami people in Finland. You can also visit the Sami people's national museum, the Siida Museum. A fantastic experience through the history of the Sami people.


Inari`s special lights

When it is the season for the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun in Finnish Lapland, Inari is a perfect destination. The locals arrange Northern Light Safaris and activities related to these phenomena yearly.

You can discover nature through the most exciting adventure activities all year round. Winter experiences like snowmobiling, husky tours or about cross-country skiing. In the summer, activities like hiking, fishing or sailing are hot.


Getting to Inari with flights

Ivalo airport is only 50 km south of Inari. Companies like Finnair and TUI  fly to Ivalo. TUI flies from London and Manchester in England. 

An airport shuttle bus travels between Ivalo and Inari.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 68.906204
  • Longitude: 27.027755


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  • Dogs allowed