Historic Narsarsuaq

Historic Narsarsuaq

Mads Pihl-VisitGreenland.com

Mads Pihl-VisitGreenland.com

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Welcome to one of the most popular towns in Greenland

Narsarsuaq is also known as the gateway to South Greenland, because of the international airport located there.

Narsarsuaq is beautifully located 100 kilometres inside the Tunulliarfjord, only 6 kilometres from the Greenland Ice sheet. 

Erik the Red

It is a small authentic community with around 160 residents. The historic fascinating point here, the hills with the Norse ruins from the 10th-15th centuries nearby the town, tells the story about Brattahlid, the settlement of Erik the Red. The Ruins documents the first Christian church in all of North America.

American airbase

Narsarsuaq was founded as an American airbase in 1941, and the "Homage Valley" still pays tribute to this era. 

Many cruises visit Narsarsuaq every year, because of the beautiful location of the town. Tourists jump of here from the ship to buy unique exciting Greenlandic souvenirs.


You will find international, as well as domestic connections, landing in Narsarsuaq Int. airport.



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  • Lattitude: 61.156703
  • Longitude: -45.425430