In the Tinderbox kids can make fairy tales by H. C. Andersen

In the Tinderbox kids can make fairy tales by H. C. Andersen



The Tinderbox

Visit the Tinderbox, where Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales comes to life through play and storytelling.

The Tinderbox is a great family experience

Here you can see theatre improvisation and art workshops with children from schools and different institutions. They start off with storytelling and after the workshops, they are invited to play in the beautiful scenography, made by professional theatre painters, light designers and scenographers. Music has been composed to interpret the fairy tales and inspire their play and the costumes are of high quality. 

The Tinderbox Fairy-tale Land

Get inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and his life, and you here actually also have the opportunity to play you favourite role. The Fairy-tale Land is based on the famous fairy tales. Dress up in costumes and get painted in your face as in the real theatres. Defend the castle walls, hide in the snuff box of the troll, explore the beautiful castle of the ballerina or board the paper boat.

On our first floor, you can play Puppet Theatre, prepare food in the old kitchen or sell bread and ice cream in the old shop.

Visit also the Art Studio

You definitely also have to visit The Art Studio.  Hans Christian Andersen drew, painted and made paper cuttings with as much enthusiasm as he wrote. In the Art Studio, you will find activities and materials related to his creativity and to the fairy-tale unfolded in the Fairy-tale Land. No matter how many times you visit The Tinderbox you will always find new ways to express your own creativity. And everything you make is yours to take home with you. A lovely way to remember your holiday. 


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