Knuthenborg Safari Park

Visit Northern Europe’s biggest safari park with more than 1.200 wild animals!

You will find Knuthenborg Safaripark 3 hours drive from Copenhagen located on the island Lolland.

A huge area of nature about 500 hectares, where you without any kind of obstacles can drive around, walk around or bike among the historical buildings, rare trees and plants and furthermore get completely close to exotic animals of all the world.

For generations one of the Danes most preferred resorts.  For thousands of families, the park is building the frame of many funny and happy memories – and there are still more of them to get.


Knuthenborg Allé
4930 Maribo
Nykøbing Falster, South Sealand

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 54.810522
  • Longitude: 11.510608