H. C. Andersen´s childhood home

Located close to St. Knud's Cathedral lies the childhood home where the famous fairy tale author lived.

Hans Christian Andersen lived here from the age of two until he was fourteen. It was from this humble home that his childhood memories sprang. The cobbler's small family dwelling is only 18 SQ m in size.

Childhood home exhibition

Today you will find the place houses an exhibition on Hans Christian Andersen's links to his native city of Odense. The exhibition in the Childhood home conforms to the description Andersen gave it in his autobiographies.

At that time it was normal for a glove maker’s family with many children used to live in the living room next to Andersen's childhood home. In this chamber, you will find a small exhibition of childhood memories, told by Hans Christian Andersen himself.


H. C. Andersen´s childhood home
Munkemøllestræde 3 - 5
5000 Odense C
Odense, Funen

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  • Lattitude: 55.394521
  • Longitude: 10.387245