Akershus Castle & Fortress

Akershus forms a distinctive silhouette against the Oslo Fjord together with the City Hall below.

Akershus has remained an important landmark in Oslo. For the City of Oslo, Akershus is an integral part of its identity. It is located on the eastern side of the harbour. Dominating the Oslo harbour front, and one of Oslo`s architectural highlights.

The History of the Castle

King Håkon ordered the construction of Akershus Castle & Fortress way back in 1299 for protecting against threats. It has been extended and modified many times.  After a devastating fire in 1624, the city renamed Christiania was shifted to the less vulnerable and more defensible site behind the protective fortress walls.

Akershus today

From 1818 the outer rampart was destroyed to accommodate population growth. Today the parklike grounds are the venue for concerts, dances and theatrical productions.


Akershus Festninng
0015 Oslo
Oslo, Capital Region
+47 23 09 39 17

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  • Lattitude: 60.000020
  • Longitude: 11.369030