Botanical Garden in Oslo

If you wanna break around on your sightseeing in Oslo the The Botanical Garden is a good choice.

It is a green oasis in the city - a place to relax and to enjoy the botanical variety and diversity.

1800 different plants

Including more than 1800 different plants in a specially designed area also including a Arboretum, you will find the garden quite impressive.

There is also a large varied collection of trees and shrubs planted in a systematic fashion after plant family.

The Scent Garden is also built and formed for people with handicaps to experience the garden.

The Palm House from 1868 and The Victoria House from 1876 present exotic plants from other parts of the world.

Close to the garden you will find interesting sculptures by the British artist Tom Hare.

The greenhouses are open Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-4 pm.


Monrads gate, Tøyen
0562 Oslo
Oslo, Capital Region

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  • Lattitude: 59.919000
  • Longitude: 10.773235