The Royal Palace Park

The Royal Palace Park is surrounding the Royal Palace in the centre of Oslo.

How did it start

Hans Linstow, the same architect who built the Palace, began the construction of the park back in the 1820s, although because of financial restrictions it took more than 30 years to put together. Altogether more than 2,000 trees were planted, most of which are still standing.

The trend about adding monuments and statues started way back in  1911, and amongst the first were Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland and author Camilla Collett. Years later, statues of Queen Maud, mathematician Nils Henrik Abel, and Kronprinssesse Martha were added.

The main feature of the park is The Royal Palace, which is the main residence of Norwegian royalty, currently Herald V.

Guided tours

If you happen to be in Oslo during the summer months, the palace opens for guided tours, including some of the most beautiful staterooms, upper vestibule, dining room, bird room, mirror Hall, and Palace Chapel.


Slottsplassen 1
0010 Oslo
Oslo, Capital Region

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