Top reasons to visit Aarhus Aros Art Museum in Aarhus is on of the largest in Europe Aarhus is an enjoyable shopping destination Dokk1 by the harbour in Aarhus is a public culture center Marselisborg castle houses the Royal Danish family every summer

Guide to Aarhus

Within this compact guide, we've compiled information we believe will enhance your experience in Aarhus, aiming to make your stay as enjoyable as it can be.

This guide covers tourism insights, accommodation, dining options, shopping opportunities, and details on museums and attractions.

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, with around 250,000 citizens. It is located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula. Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in the nation, founded in the Viking age.

It takes only 15 minutes by bus or bicycle to reach the beach or the beautiful Marselisborg Forests, where the Danish Queen also has her summer residence.

The city has many educational institutions, which make Aarhus the "youngest" city in Denmark, and this is one of the reasons you find many cafes and restaurants in the city. Though it's also one of the oldest cities in Denmark, it provides this "young" expression when you visit Aarhus.

The Aarhus area offers many attractions, so do not hesitate to spend a weekend or more in Aarhus.


Top highlights in Aarhus

Aarhus has several international attractions, such as The Old Town Museum (Den Gamle By).

You will find pleasant pedestrian streets in the city centre with many exciting designer stores and malls. The city can offer a broad spectrum of cultural experiences, cultural events, the best restaurants in the region, and Michelin restaurants.

Aarhus in Denmark is a very modern city with great architecture and a young population regarding the many educational institutions. In 2017, Aarhus was the European Capital of Culture. 

12 top attractions in Aarhus

  1. Aros

  2. Moesgaard Museum

  3. The Old Town (museum)

  4. Tivoli Friheden

  5. Aarhus Cathedral

  6. Aarhus Music House

  7. Marselisbog Palace

  8. Dokk1

  9. The Latin Quarter

  10. Tropical House in Botanical Garden

  11. Iceberg Architecture in Aarhus

  12. The Women's Museum 

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Top attractions close to Aarhus

Cultural experiences in Aarhus

Aarhus offers some of the top cultural attractions in Denmark, including several art galleries, museums, and theatres, and was in 2017 Aarhus the European Capital of Culture.

If you love modern art, we can recommend visiting the ARos Art Museum, which has a rainbow panorama on top of the museum. If you love history, you will be thrilled to see 'Den Gamle By' (The old town), where you can walk in a town as it looked in Denmark before the 1900s.



Bars and restaurants in Aarhus

Aarhus is a busy city with cosy bars, cafes and restaurants – many of which are where you can get the New Nordic cuisine on the menu card and a trio of Michelin-starred restaurants. Aarhus also has a street food market for visitors on tighter budgets.

Discover a diverse culinary scene in Aarhus, offering many restaurants and cafes for your dining pleasure. From those serving traditional and modern Danish dishes to various international options such as Italian, French, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and Spanish, there's something for every palate.

Dining culture in Denmark usually kicks off around 7 pm, and most restaurants close by 10 pm, providing ample time for you to savour Aarhus's local and global flavours.

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Where to stay in Aarhus

 Choosing where to stay in Aarhus depends on your preferences, budget, and the purpose of your visit. Aarhus offers a variety of accommodation options, including hotels, hostels, and guesthouses.

Here are some areas to consider:

City Center (Indre By):  This area is ideal if you want to be close to Aarhus's main attractions, shopping streets, and cultural venues. You'll find a range of hotels catering to different budgets.

Aarhus Central Station:  Staying near the central train station provides easy access to transportation and is convenient for exploring the city centre and its surroundings.

Vesterbro:  This neighbourhood is known for its vibrant atmosphere, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops. It offers a mix of accommodation options.

Frederiksbjerg:  A trendy district with a mix of boutiques, eateries, and cultural spots. It provides a more local experience while close to the city centre.

Aarhus East (Øgadekvarteret):  This up-and-coming neighbourhood has a creative vibe, with art galleries, studios, and unique shops. It's a good choice for those looking for a more alternative atmosphere.


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Airport Shuttle from Aarhus Airport

For convenient transportation between Aarhus and Aarhus Airport, take advantage of the shuttle buses directly linked to arriving and departing flights.

The journey from the central train station in Aarhus to the airport takes approximately 45 minutes. The shuttle, identified as bus number 925X.

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