All Inclusive Northern Lights trip

Join our all-inclusive Northern Lights trips to maximize your chances of witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon.

Small groups – Big experiences

Join our all-inclusive Northern Lights trips to maximise your chances of witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon. We enjoy sharing our passion for the Northern Lights and will provide you with a unique and unforgettable adventure with a personal touch. What sets our trip apart from other Northern Lights trips is that we are two local guides on every trip. Nothing can beat local knowledge when it comes to finding the best spots to experience the Northern Lights. The season 2019/2020 is our 10th season of Northern Lights trips. This makes us one of the most experienced Northern Lights companies in Norway, and you will be in the best hands-on your adventure.

Exciting chase

Don’t worry about the weather in Tromsø. We usually find clear skies in the nearby areas by using the weather forecasts and a wide network of knowledgeable locals, other guides and our experience from many Northern lights seasons. If the skies are expected to be clear along the coast, we usually go there and enjoy the breathtaking fjord landscapes and the dramatic mountain peaks. If the weather is predicted to be cloudy on the coast, we normally drive further east since the weather conditions often are different along the borders of Finland and Sweden. Please bring your passport/ID-card in case we have to cross the border to Finland. As a rule, we don’t care about the length of the trip as long as there is a chance to find clear skies. Our local knowledge of the area, understanding of the weather conditions and patience really set us apart.

However, there will always be a few evenings every season when the whole area is covered by clouds. If we do not see any chance at all to find gaps in the clouds, we will cancel the trip. For us, it is important that we have a fair chance to see some Northern Lights when we take the trip. In case of a cancellation, you can choose to join another day or get a 100% refund. Please be available on your phone and email in case we have to reach you.


What to expect

Our Northern Lights trip is designed for those who like a real chase, which often involves travelling long distances and returning late. The reward is an excellent success rate in finding clear skies and experiencing the Northern Lights. Before we start the trip we give you a briefing about the plan for the evening and the latest weather forecasts. Then we start the drive to the area we expect will have the best conditions. Once we’ve found clear skies we will look for a scenic spot. We often change the location a couple of times during the evening to get different backgrounds. A dinner with local specialities will be served around a campfire, accompanied by hot drinks. We always bring a vegan option. During the trip, you will learn about the science, local myths and folklore around the Northern Lights. We will also tell you about the area, its history and wildlife.



Two local guides, a documentary about the Northern Lights, campfire, dinner, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, thermal suit, winter boots, shoe grips, socks, hat, gloves, hand warmers, foot warmers, tripod, headlamp and pictures from the trip.


Practical information
Participants 4-15
Duration 6-10 hours
Level Easy
Departure time 6.30pm (18:30)
Departure place In front of Radisson Blu Hotel

Portrait photo included

Warm clothing included

Aurora photo included





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