The Swedish people is innovative - IKEA and H&M are both Swedish

The Swedish people is innovative - IKEA and H&M are both Swedish

The dynamic Swedes

The Swedish people really know how to keep and take advantage of their gorgeous country, from its scenic nature beauty to its edible bounty.

They are proud of their country and protecting the natural beauty rang high here.

The Swedes appreciate in addition to the daily work to have a high quality of life, where there is a time for family, friends and leisure activities. In Sweden, there are many dark winter months with little daylight.

This affects the Swedes, but at the same time, it has also affected the Swedish lifestyle. They have many festivals and events, and perhaps it is one of the secrets of why Sweden has so many famous artists. Just think of ABBA or now Zara Larsson.

Great Swedish character traits

Something else that characterizes Sweden is its view of security and health. They are known for producing safe cars, have a good welfare system and clear renunciation of alcohol.

The Swedes also have great confidence compared to other nations and known to bring their ideas to life. Did you know Sweden is on top related to people starting up their own business?

The Swedes also have one of the world's most liberal views on gays, making it easier and live as a gay man here.

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