Hiking in Norway

There are many reasons why Norwegians love hiking and have the traditions for doing it - because of their fantastic nature.

Norwegians are in love with nature and very keen on outdoor activities. More than half of all Norwegians have access to a simple cabin in the woods, where they can go on the weekends and during the holidays.

Recommended hiking trails in Norway

1. Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock by the Lysefjord in Ryfylket, close to Stavanger. Pulpit Rock is one of Norway's most popular tourist destinations. The walk is about six km and takes approximately four hours there and back.

Season: May – October

2. Trolltunga

You find Trolltunga in the Hardanger region. It is one of the most spectacular walks in Norway. The walk is about 20 km and takes eight to nine hours there and back. The walk starts in Skjeggedal, and there are plenty of great nature experiences along the way. You can also reach the summit on a Via Ferrata on skis or snowshoes.

Season: May - September. 

3. Aurlandsdalen

The Aurlandsdalen is wild, beautiful and rich in culture and history. Aurlandsdalen and the Nærøyfjord, located innermost in the Sognefjord, offer excellent walking opportunities, whether you want to do one-day hikes or longer hikes where you stay overnight in a trekking association cabin. The season is June–September. 


4. Mount Skåla

Skåla is regarded as Norway's highest mountain peak and the hike takes place in the Josteldalbreen National Park. Skåla lie 1848 meters above the Nordfjord and the village of Loen in Stryn.

The tour Is a black tour and takes about 3-5 hours one way, while the descent takes two to three hours and the views are spectacular as you overlook the glacier, fjord and mountain. Remember water and food for the trip.

The mountain is the highest in Norway with a foot in the fjord, and the path up is steep and some parts hard to hike. This hike is spectacular and the view you have on the way up is breathtaking.

The hike up to Skåla starts at Tjugen. When you arrive from Loen, there is a parking lot on your right hand. The hike starts on the tractor road which is right by the parking lot, which after a while goes over to the path and when one approaches the top there are stone steps.

Season: June - September. 

5. Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen is one of Norway's most beautiful and easily accessible summit walks, offering spectacular views of the Romsdalsfjellene mountains.

From Romsdalseggen, you can see the Trollveggen cliff, but also as far as the town of Molde and the Norwegian Sea. The walk is about 10 km, and it takes between five and eight hours.

Season: June–September

See also: The Geiranger - Trolstigen touristroad 

Public right of access

Norwegians also enjoy the "right of access", which means that everyone has legal access to open country (uncultivated land), even if it is private property. It offers unbeatable access to the country's natural beauty without crowds or cost.

The public right of access to the outdoors is part of Norway's cultural heritage, set forth in the Outdoor recreation act of 1957.

The Act permits various activities on untilled land except for cultivated fields, pasture or new stands of trees and also imposes obligations. Observing its straightforward provisions ensures the continued public right of access.

There is a network of well maintained, marked trails and cabins all over Norway. You will also find local tour operators offering unique and interesting hiking tours.


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