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There is a motto called, you have not visited Finland if you have not tried one of their famous sauna experiences.

Throughout Finland, you can`t go nearly anywhere, without being reminded about the Finnish Sauna & Spa traditions. Even the Finnish Parlament have their own sauna. 

Ways to enjoy the Finnish sauna traditions

You will find different ways to enjoy and discover this special Finnish phenomenon. In big cities like the capital Helsinki, there are public saunas you can enjoy at an affordable price.

Today you will find around  45 Spas, Spa Resorts and Wellness Centres located throughout the country. You will find the resorts located in beautiful surroundings, where you can combine the great sauna, spa and wellness experiences with excellent food and local exciting activities.

Today’s modern Finnish spa and spa resort is essentially a hotel with specialised equipment and staffed with doctors, nurses and health professionals. 

Unique Finnish treatment

Spa hotels have been steadily growing in popularity in Finland, and many use native treatments and pay particular attention to the role of nature in wellbeing.

Treatments usually available include saunas (of course), peat wrapping, cleansing rituals, and even dry cupping. Other more exotic Finnish treatments include reindeer milk facials in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling.