Welcome to Nuuk

Welcome to Nuuk

Camilla Hyllebjerg-VisitGreeenland

Camilla Hyllebjerg-VisitGreeenland

Hotel Hans Egede

With its five floors, Hotel Hans Egede (HHE) is quite a landmark in the heart of Nuuk. The central location means that you can walk to everything from the hotel. In the morning the taxis are busy, from when the first guests check out long before breakfast starts at 6 and again from noon onwards, when new guests arrive at the 4-star hotel.

Here you can find Nuuk’s largest breakfast buffet along with daily newspapers. Later in the same place, lunch is served for the participants of HHE’s many conferences and later tender grilled steaks at A Hereford Beefstouw, as it is called in the evening. If you go past the steaks, you come to one of Nuuk’s best restaurants, Sarfalik. 

To tie it all together, HHE has the Skyline Bar from which as the name suggests, you can look out over a large part of Nuuk’s rooftops, with the fjord to one side and the impressive mountains, Malene and Hjortetakken, on the other. There is often live music and Skyline is the place where the more adult audience gather in Nuuk.

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Postboks 1049
3900 Nuuk
Nuuk, Capital Region
+299 32 42 22

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  • Lattitude: 64.175000
  • Longitude: -51.736111


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