Biking in Iceland

Iceland has some excellent and challenging cycling touring opportunities. The scenery is stunningly varied with many marked contrasts.

The Icelandic nature range from quiet rolling pastures, coastal plains of black sands, dramatic waterfalls, to the tougher desert and mountainous areas of the interior with enormous glaciers that cut right down to the sea.

You will not find any officially marked cycling routes in Iceland. It is possible to find odd pieces of cycle paths in Reykjavik and some of the larger towns in Iceland, but they are few and far between. In some regions, you are more likely to see a horse path running alongside the roads, rather than a cycle path!

One should be well prepared when you set out on a bike ride on Iceland. Due to the changeable weather, make sure to have the right clothes.

Many tourists patronise and use the famous Ring Route 1 as their preferred bike route, which runs around the country. Others choose more difficult paths into the highlands, such as the beautiful trail across Kjölur.

Make sure someone has your travel plans in case of emergency. Writing your name in a guestbook is not just courtesy, it can be an important safety measure as well.

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