The Sami National Museum

Find out about the most impressive evidence of the Sammies, history, culture and lifestyle.

The Sami National Museum, also called the Sami Collection, is located in Karasjok in Northern Norway.  

The museum includes displays of colourful, traditional Sami clothing, tools and artefacts, and works by contemporary Sami artists.

Outdoors, you can roam among a cluster of traditional Sami constructions and follow a short trail, signed in English, that leads the past and explains ancient Sami reindeer trapping pits and hunting techniques. In summer, a guided walk is included in the ticket price.


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The Sami National Museum
Museumsgata 17
9735 Karasjok
Karasjok, Northern Norway

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  • Lattitude: 69.471935
  • Longitude: 25.510813