Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park

Helge Stikbakke/Statens vegvesen

Helge Stikbakke/Statens vegvesen

Rondane National Park

Rondane National Park was established in 1962 and then expanded in 2003. It is approximately 960

Rondane National Park celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 as the nation’s first national park. The Rondane massif has peaks stretching more than 2000 meters above sea level, towering mightily over the lichen-covered plateaus.

Over the years many stone shelters have been built in Rondane National Park, used by local hunters and fishermen, falcon trappers and hikers.

Top hiking destination

TodayRondane is ideally located for traditional mountain outdoor life in Norway. Rondane offers countless hiking routes, ranging from day trips to overnight tours. Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to marked hiking trails and overnight cabins. When you come to Rondane the only way to get around on foot, on skis, by bike or on horseback.T

There are deep valleys and steep mountainsides. To the south, the landscape is gentle and undulating. Rondane has a barren and rocky alpine terrain dominated by lichen and heather. Wild reindeer have inhabited these mountains for thousands of years. The remains of animal traps, settlements and other cultural relics relating to hunting and trapping wild reindeer are evident throughout Rondane National Park.

Rondane is located approximately 310 kilometres north-west of Oslo. The journey by car from Oslo takes approximately four hours. Follow E6 from Oslo to Otta. From Otta it is just a short drive to Rondane.


2659 Dombås
Eastern Norway
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  • Lattitude: 61.931516
  • Longitude: 9.788881