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Welcome to Alta

Alta is the gateway to Finnmark and can be the starting point for other places like the North Cape and Hammerfest.

Alta is the largest city in the Finnmark in the northernmost county in Norway, with a population of around 15000 people. It is located beautifully in the inner reaches of the Alta Fjord, surrounded by impressive mountains, coastline and forests. Many use the city as a starting point for the famous North Cape

Alta is a modern city with shops, hotels, cafes and a shopping centre. The most famous attractions to be mentioned are the Northern Light Cathedral, a modern church built in elegant lines inspired by the Northern Lights' spirals and the Alta Museum, which won Europe's highest museum price, European Museum of the Year (1993).

The irresistible Northern Light

You will find a special blue light here between November and January, and the famous stunning Northern Light colours appear on a clear polar night, like nowhere else, between October and March. The temperatures fall to - 30 degrees during the winter, and dry polar climates create the perfect conditions for clear skies and Northern Light experiences. 

Visit the Alta Rock Carvings 

If you wish to visit a world-class attraction we recommend you to visit the most extensive area of prehistoric Alta rock carvings in northern Europe dating from between 6,000 and 2,000 years ago just outside the city centre. The rocks were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, and the 5,000 carvings known as petroglyphs were carved into the coastal rocks at the head of Altafjorden.

The Rock Art shows communication between the world of the living and the worlds of the spirits and gives insight into the cosmology of prehistoric hunters and gatherers.

Arctic Adventures

During the winter, the Alta Municipality change to a winter wonderland for adventure lovers. Local tour operators offer exciting daily activities like snowmobiling, reindeer- or dogsledding. 

Alta is also the location of the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, which is one of Lapland`s Ice Hotels.


The Midnight Sun in Alta

In the summer months, Alta never sleeps, the Midnight Sun creates softly bright nights and a special atmosphere and energy. With pleasant temperatures around 20 degrees, activities like hiking, canoeing, biking or fishing are popular in the beautiful nature.


Finnmarksløpet is a big event

Alta is also world-famous for its dog sledging and events. The longest dog sledge race “Finnmarksløpet” takes place here every year in March, and a great festival related to the race also takes place. Alta is a huge dogsledding centre, and the most dog sledging adventure tours go out from here.

Getting to Alta

Alta is 240km from the North Cape, 571km from Kirkenes and 405km from Tromsø. Direct buses run to Alta from Tromsø and Kirkenes. 

Whether you visit Alta in summer or winter, fascinating adventures await you. Alta Airport is close to the city, and by car or bus, you reach the city within 10 minutes.

The flight connections to Alta Airport (ALF) has extended a lot especially from Oslo and Tromsø. Alta is also known as the gate to the Finnmark and the northernmost tip of Europe, the North Cape.     

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  • Lattitude: 69.968738
  • Longitude: 23.271550