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Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway, the gateway to the Arctic and the Northern Lights.

Tromso offers beautiful landscapes and a lot of possibilities for activities and fun. Tromsø is placed by the fjords, and the mountains are the perfect choice for starting your Arctic adventures both concerning the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and many kinds of activities. The city lies 400km north of the Arctic Circle, and a part of the town stretches along the east shore of the island Tromsøya and is linked to the mainland by a gracefully arched bridge. Tromsø is home to the northernmost university and college in the world.

Tromsø has the label ´Sustainable Destinations` for travel destinations. When a destination receives this label, the local cultural heritage, economy and community have very much focused on the environment.


Northern Lights in Tromsø

Tromso is a popular destination for watching the Northern Lights in Norway and one of the best places with and highest probability of seeing the unique colours in the Northern Lights between September and April, depending on the weather conditions.

It´s a good idea to look at the forecasts concerning Aurora.

Gateway to the Arctic

Tromsø is one of the best places in the world to spot the Northern Lights because you can discover these unique Lights from September to March.

It`s possible to spot this incredible natural phenomenon in the evening in winter from 5 pm to 11 pm. Therefore it`s very popular to stay in Tromsø and from here take one of the many Northern Lights tours, and Tromsø is also called "the Gateway to the Arctic".

In the months when the Northern Lights are most active, you can participate in all kinds of cultural activities; winter activities and festival events are also arranged at this time of year.

Remember to plan your trip because many hotels are booked in advance.



Most visited attractions in  Tromsø

Tromsø is a town with an enjoyable atmosphere and a fascinating history. The centre of Tromsø is a composite and multi-layered mixture of colourful, pretty wooden houses from the 1800s. The city has a few superb museums that will whet your appetite to learn more about the Arctic. 

It is an excellent idea to start your tour down by the harbour, where you will find many of the hotels in Tromsø. Here you take in the main pedestrian street before continuing west to one of the most enjoyable museums as Polaria nearby the waterfront. This museum includes an aquarium and a 3-D cinema with movies about Svalbard and the Northern Lights.

Another big attraction in the city centre is the Tromsø Cathedral and the cable car, which brings you to the top of Mount Storsteinen. From here, you have a magnificent view of Tromsø and the surrounding area. Here you also have a great view of the Arctic Cathedral from 1965, designed by Jan Inge Hovig.



Tromsø has a fairly mild climate

The climate in Tromsø is fairly mild and stable, with an average winter temperature of -3 degrees due to the Gulf Stream. Since the early 1800 century, Tromsø has been a starting point for Arctic expeditions and is also called the "Gateway to the Arctic".

In the early 19th century, Tromsø was a starting point for traping expeditions to the pack ice to the north and east and to the archipelago of Svalbard. If you wish to discover polar explorers, you can visit the Polar Museum in the harbour district.

Tromsø has a population of 75,000 and is the largest city in Northern Norway and the second-biggest in Lapland; and has excellent restaurants, top hotels and several big-name stores. It`s also the centre for the surrounding fishing and agriculture settlements and the home of the Polar Institute.


Popular Winter Adventures in Tromsø

There is a lot to do in Tromsø all year round. In the winter, adventures like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, and reindeer rides tours are some of the big adventures, together with the Northern Lights adventures.

From November to January, many tourists also come to discover whale safaris. Nearby Tromsø, you find the Lyngen Alps, where they also offer many different winter activities.


Midnight Sun in the Summer

In the summer, adventures like hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing and river rafting and climbing are some of the most popular of course, together with the Midnight Sun adventures.

See more: Midnight Sun in Norway - When and where


Visit also the Lyngen Alps

In 2004 the local government established the Lyngen Alps protected area and included parts of municipalities Lyngen, Storfjord, Tromsø and Balsfjord.

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  • Lattitude: 69.649205
  • Longitude: 18.955324

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