The Polaria Museum

Tromsø´s most visited attraction is Polaria - an arctic-themed experience centre occupying a distinctive futuristic building.

In the Polaria Museum, just 5 minutes from the main centre of Tromsø give you good insights into the Arctic nature and the animals living here.

Dedicated to the pristine nature of the Arctic the museum shows a 15 minutes panorama film of flora and fauna in Svalbard shot mostly from a helicopter. The film gives such a good impression of the nature viewed on the five giant surround-screens in the cinema inside the museum.

Another film you can see in the cinema is a beautiful film about the Northern Lights in Norway.

This museum illustrates all you like to know about the Arctic region and the Arctic animals. In the Arctic aquarium, there are cold-water fish from the area and energic bearded seals. You can get them close up by walking through a glass tunnel that slices through their watery habitat.
Also, the design of the building is unique which representing ice floes pressed up on land from the brutal rough seas of the Arctic.

The ship M/S Polstjerna is outside the museum and is a former sailing ship which between 1949 and 1981 was used for catching seals.


Hjalmar Johansens gate 12
9296 Tromsø
Northern Norway
+47 7775 0100

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  • Lattitude: 69.643889
  • Longitude: 18.949377