The Nordic Arctic Circle

Holidays to the Arctic Circle area get increasingly popular, and it is pretty understandable why.

The region north of the Arctic Circle is called the Arctic. It is a vast unspoilt beautiful wilderness on Earth. The centre of the Arctic is the North Pole. The Arctic Circle is the imaginary line that binds it together. 

Most of the Arctic area is covered by ice, the extent of which varies according to the time of year.

Where is the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is an imaginary line of latitude located approximately 66.5 degrees north of the Earth's equator. It marks the southernmost boundary of the Arctic region.

The line passes through several countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska (United States), Canada, Greenland (Denmark), and Iceland.


When to Visit the Arctic

The temperatures in the Arctic areas in the Nordic countries are relatively mild compared to the rest of the Arctic Region due to the influence of the Gulf Stream.

The best time to visit the Arctic if you want to go on a cruise is in the high summer of late June and early July. Temperatures are between 3°C and 7°C; the sun remains above the horizon 24 hours a day.

You can visit the Arctic from September to March to discover the Northern Lights and Arctic activities such as dog sledging. 

The coastal areas of Norway have a generally mild climate due to the Gulf Stream, which keeps the ports of northern Norway ice-free all year long. However, the climate in the Arctic region is generally cold, and the summers can be pretty warm.

But in general, you can visit the Nordic destinations all year long

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Explore the spectacular Arctic

The fauna is very simple up here regarding the freezing temperature and permafrost conditions. Most of the year, the Arctic area is covered by ice and snow.

In the warmest month, some regions are covered by tundra, with little grass, shrubs, mosses and herbs. 

You will find a wide selection of animals throughout the Arctic area, like wolves, polar bears, foxes and reindeer. I

In the Arctic waters, animal-like seals, walruses and whales are visitors. 

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Silence - fresh air - no stress

Within the last couple of years, tourists from all over the world have come here to relax by staying in Arctic Ice hotels and getting a life-long nature experience.

Through the many exciting activities like hiking, dog sledging, snowmobiling, or skiing, you can explore the pureness, silence, and Northern lights and not forget the fascinating local culture, where people know how to live in harmony with nature. 


Arctic holiday destinations

There are so many Arctic Circle holidays to explore in the Nordic countries. Three of the most famous and popular Arctic destinations are  Kiruna (Sweden), Tromsø (Norway) and Rovaniemi (Finland).

Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland is a real Arctic Circle holiday destination. The Arctic Circle border goes directly through the city's fantastic Santa Claus Holiday Park.

Northern Lights experiences for life

Most travellers visit the Arctic Nordic holiday resorts to witness the spellbinding Northern Light astral show. Between September and March, you can find the most spectacular tours, which offer all kinds of activities in combination with Northern Light experiences.

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The Midnight Sun - 24 hours a day

Above the Arctic Circle, during the summer between May and July, you will find another natural phenomenon called the Midnight Sun or "the white nights". This season also attracts many tourists.

It means the sun officially stays above the horizon for 24 hours. Arctic holiday destinations attract all kinds of activities like jet skiing, fishing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, river cruises, visiting husky and reindeer farms, and a lot more nearly 24 hours a day. Pretty much anything you can do during the day, you can do at night.

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Getting here

The Arctic holiday destinations connected to the Nordic countries become more attainable. You will find nearly daily airline services to popular Arctic cities like Kiruna, Tromsø and Rovaniemi.  

Destinations like Ilulissat in Greenland and regions like Svalbard are more challenging to reach, and most guests to these destinations arrive by a managed tour by an agency.