When to visit Denmark

You can visit Denmark yearly because the country has something to offer every month of the year.

You can visit Denmark in any four seasons, but many tourists visit the country in the spring and the summer.

From May, the days are getting longer, and the temperatures rise. It gets warmer, and there are many things to do, like visiting museums and heritage attractions. In June, July, August and September, Denmark is so nice with sandy beaches and beautiful green landscapes. The weather is still good, and it is not as rainy as later in Autumn and Winter.

You find many events in Denmark during spring and summer, but the summer months of July and August are also the time of year in Denmark when you experience the most tourist crowds.

If you want to visit Denmark and avoid the high travel season, May and September can be good alternatives, as the weather is still mild enough for many activities.

Before May and after September is the lower travel time of the year. The prices of flights as well as local hotels are cheaper. While there aren't too many outdoor things to do, this answers a budget traveller's question of when to go to Denmark.

The country is also perfect for a biking holiday, and you will find excellent infrastructure and many biking lanes.


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