Inspiration to a self-drive tour in Sweden to visit Royal attractions

Inspiration to a self-drive tour in Sweden to visit Royal attractions

Visit the Royal attractions in Sweden

This trip will take you to many of the most beautiful and fairy tale castles, palaces and manors in Sweden.

Some of the castles are Countryside Hotels, where you can stay -  magnificent castles and impressive manors in the south and east of Sweden, where you can stay on your trip.

Start and stop: Malmö/Stockholm

How to get there: You can fly to Malmö, rent a car there and then fly out from Stockholm - or drive your own car to the destination.


A millennium of royal history has left Skåne with an impressive legacy of historic buildings. Many of these impressive buildings, once reserved for the nobility alone, are now open to the public as museums or just for a stroll in the castle park. We recommend you spend some time just driving along the winding roads, soaking in the beauty of the landscape and stopping as you please at the many fascinating castles, like Sofiero Castle, which was voted “Best Park in Europe 2010” and used to be the Royal Family's summer home.

Stay at: Idala Manor

Driving time from Malmö Airport: 30 min


The history of the legendary Kalmar Castle stretches back over 800 years, with it serving as protection from both pirates and the Danes. It is now a popular landmark and destination.

Stay at: Möckelsnäs Manor

Drive from previous night’s hotel: 2.5 hours


The fairytale-like Läckö Castle is a magnificent castle on the shores of Lake Vänern and was built in the 13th century. If you want to explore the city of Gothenburg, you are now just one hour away.

Stay at: Bjertorp Castle

Drive from previous night’s hotel: 4 hours

DAY 5-7 

Collection of Palaces

For natural reasons, most palaces, castles and manors are largely concentrated around the areas surrounding the Royal Capital: Lake Mälaren, Uppland & Stockholm. Drive along the areas as you please, pick one of our hotels that tickles your imagination to stay at and spend some time in the Royal Capital to visit the homes of the Royal Family, including the palaces of Drottningholm, Haga and Stockholm.

Mälarslott is a collection of palaces around Lake Mälaren (download a map from our website). The Royal Court’s own website has a guide to the Royal Palaces.

Stay at: Sundbyholm Castle, Gimo Manor

Driving time from the previous night’s hotel: 3-5 hours

Driving time to Stockholm Arlanda Airport is 20-60 minutes

Provided by Countryside Hotels

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