Visit Hans Christians Andersens´ Denmark Every summer you can see an outdoor play written by Hans Christian Andersen Outdoor events nearby H. C. Andersen museum This statue you find nearby Tivoli in Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen´s Denmark

The famous and world-known author Hans Christian Andersen was born in Denmark in Odense at Funen.

Throughout Denmark, there are many places you can get information about Andersen, his work and life.

From his childhood in Odense, visit his childhood home. Explore the museums, discover facts about where he got his inspiration for his fairy tale stories, which are known in almost every country.

Hans Christian Andersen Route

In Odense, you will find a special H.C. Andersen walking route. If you take this, you get useful insights into Andersen and his life. 


H. C. Andersen`s Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, Hans Chr. Andersen lived most of his adult life. In cosy Nyhavn, you will find his apartment. From here, he also created a lot of his famous stories and poets. Visit Hans Chr. Andersen´s Copenhagen with many interesting sights and beautiful statues.