The Royal Park in Stockholm

The Royal Park in Stockholm

Stockholm in 24 hours

Get inspiration for a wonderful day in Stockholm.

Start your tour by the Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel banquet is a highlight, but another beautiful exciting highlight is the free option to see the view from the tower of the City Hall.

After this relevant experience, you go to Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest district and one of the best-preserved medieval city centres in the world.

Take a stroll through the winding streets lined with stores full of handicrafts, antiques and art galleries. Take a break at one of the cosy cafes. Experience The Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral, which also are located in Gamla Stan.

The Stockholm Archipelago & Djurgården Island

If you visiting Stockholm during the summer, move further on to the Stockholm archipelago, and take a sightseeing tour boat out in the amazing Stockholm Archipelago.

Are you interested in culture, you are in the right capital. The Vasa Museum on the green island of Djurgården and the Abba Museum close by.

When you visiting the interesting museums, why not take a dinner at the beautiful Djurgården Island, which has a great selection of restaurants and bars.

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