Grøften is the place to visit to discover Danish 'hygge' The traditionel restaurant Grøften is nearby the Pantomime theater The restaurant is world famous for their 'Skipperlabskovs' Enjoy freshly peeled shrimps for lunch

Restaurant Grøften

Grøften is Tivoli's oldest restaurant with a history that goes back to 1874. It is the biggest á la carte restaurant in the Nordic countries

Grøften is one of the few traditional Danish restaurants where you can find the Danish 'hygge'. You can here get classic food like 'frikadeller', 'stjerneskud' and the famous 'skipperlabskovs'. If you wish to taste the world famous 'smørrebrød', the classic Danish open-faced sandwich, Grøften it the best place to visit and get it with a local beer and aquavit if you want to go full Dane. Enjoy also freshly peeled shrimps, quality Danish lunch menu and much more.

Restaurant Grøften has a long history in Tivoli

Grøften is Tivoli's oldest restaurant and is from 1874. The characteristic and beautiful hot air balloons decorate and light up Grøften's main seating area are a tribute to former restaurateur air captain Lauritz Johansen. The captain was Grøften's host during the early 1900s and played an extensive role in shaping Grøften and its traditions as you can see it today.

Originally Grøften was linked to the neighbouring Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli. At the rear of the Restaurant Grøften, you still find the original Theatre Café. Here you sense the air of the old time Pantomime Theatre actors preparing before their performances. Admire the beautiful old dressing tables and the traditionally placed make up lights. If you are lucky perhaps you will see a famous Danish actor or another famous Dane because many visit the restaurant quite often.

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Vesterbrogade 3
1620 København K
Restaurant Grøften

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