The food in this first class restaurant is inspired by nature and the seasons

The food in this first class restaurant is inspired by nature and the seasons

Robin Skjoldborg -VisitDenmark

Robin Skjoldborg -VisitDenmark

Den Røde Cottage

Den Røde Cottage was awarded with a Michelin star in 2012 and 2013. You find at Danish Riviera close to Copenhagen.

The kitchen is based on the desire to have close ties to the forest, the sea, healthy Danish farming, and the changing seasons. Being situated in two old cottages in Klampenborg between the coastline of the Sound and the Jægersborg Dyrehave helps our guests feel in touch with nature.

The fish is from local fishermen. They forage for herbs and berries in the nature that surrounds the restaurant. They use produce from carefully selected farms, breweries, millers, and other fine producers. All the suppliers share our passion for quality, our respect for nature, and a desire to act in accordance with the changing seasons.

New menu every month

The combination of quality produce, down to earth ideas and curious creativity have earned the restaurant more than the Michelin stars they were awarded in 2012 and 2013; nature’s generosity and our careful preparation of the produce also results in a new menu every single month. We hope you appreciate the effort and hopefully, it encourages you to back again and again for new and exciting food and drink experiences.


How to go to Den Røde Cottage

If you take the train the restaurant is very close to Klampenborg Station. The walk from Klampenborg Station to Den Røde Cottage is only 10 minutes. Walk to the corner of Strandvejen and Taarbæk Strandvej and follow the path into the forest. After a few minutes, you will reach Den Røde Cottage.


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Strandvejen 550
2930 Klampenborg
Copenhagen, Capital Region
+45 39 90 46 14

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  • Longitude: 12.590692


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