Where to See the Northern Lights in Greenland

Northern Lights Destinations in Greenland

Greenland has many destinations where you can explore the amazing Northern Lights. We have made a list for you, where you can see more about the best places in Greenland.

When visiting Greenland, you have to experience the Northern Light if you get the opportunity. 

The season for the Northern Lights

The lights are visible during the winter, typically from September to April, when the sky is darkest. Remember that the Northern Lights are natural, so sightings cannot be guaranteed.


Top Destinations for the Northern Lights


About the Big Arctic Five

The Northern Light is one of Greenland's "Big Five" attractions—also known as the Big Arctic Five. Other attractions are dog-sledging, the vast glacial landscapes, the pioneering Greenlandic people and the whales.

You will find tour operators offering captivating tours where you can experience all of them.

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