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Stretching from mainland Europe to the North Pole`s back yard, you will find the most spectacular different nature sites in the Nordic countries.

You find well-groomed Danish farmland, breathtaking Norwegian fjords and beautiful lakes and forests in Sweden and Finland here. In Iceland, you can discover hot springs and volcanoes and in Greenland amazing icebergs and glaciers.

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Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights

Throughout the year, you can experience the special light phenomena in the Nordic countries. Above the  Arctic Circle in the summer, it is possible to observe the Midnight Sun.

In Svalbard, the Midnight Sun shines for around 126 days. The earth's tilt causes the phenomenon as it orbits the sun. This lopsided angle ensures that the North Pole always has light from the sun in the summer and darkness all winter.

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In Autumn, the possibility of watching the Northern Lights, also called the Aurora Borealis, gets better when the sunlight disappears and it gets darker.

The scientific explanation is astonishing. The Northern lights are caused by streams of charged particles - "solar wind" - that flare into space from our sun. When the wind comes into contact with the earth`s magnetic field, it is drawn towards the poles, where its electrical charge agitates oxygen and nitrogen particles in the atmosphere, making them glow.

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The right of natural public access

With thousands of square miles of pristine countryside, it`s no wonder that nature is a natural part of life for the people in the Nordic countries.

In Sweden, Norway, and Finland, everyone has legal access to open country (uncultivated land), even if it is private property. Creating a green and sustainable society is one of the key goals for the countries.

You will find protected view spots and hiking trails throughout the Nordic countries to experience the beautiful natural countryside.

In Norway, Sweden, and Finland, the wood-built family cabins are not just holiday cottages but a place for spiritual rejuvenation for the locals. 

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