Hiking in Greenland

Hiking in Greenland comes in all intensity levels, and there are both plenty of hiking trails for the long distance trekker and the casual day.

Follow low elevation routes for a few hours to give you plenty of time and ease to take in the Arctic ambience, or extend the trip a bit and hike from inland clear out to the coastline.

The Arctic Circle Trail

Arctic Circle Trail is perhaps the most known and longest hiking trail in Greenland, located between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut (160 km). Normally it is a trail Hikers can do in 8-9 nights.

Hike where ever you want

In Greenland, there is no private owned land. It means the public can hike anywhere, but off course in respect related to the land, the people and not to forget the weather.

Maps of hiking trails can be found in tourist offices and in some bookstores.

Plan your hiking tour

Absolutely recommended selecting one of the local tour operators hiking offers. For safety reasons, but also to be sure to discover nature highlight sights for life.


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