The special wellness Reykjavik

The special wellness Reykjavik

Health & Wellness in Reykjavik

The best facilities and services for health and well-being in Reykjavik.

Including pristine air, pure drinking water, amazing lights and natural wonders - Reykjavik invite to health and wellness activities.

Exciting outdoor activities

You can try out a multitude of healthy outdoor activities and experience the feel-good energy that comes with all that fresh clean air. Only one important thing have to be considered, the seasons.

It is not only the incredible invigorating outdoor activities, where you can indulge in anything from sea-swimming in Nauthólsvík thermal beach to horseback-riding in the red hills of Heidmörk.

Hot pools & spas

It`s also recommended for visitors to experience Iceland's greatest source of well-being. Try out one of the numerous thermal pools and spas - not only an important part of our culture but also a wonderful tonic for the body and mind.

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